#mhsm chat Wed 11/26/14 about Favorite Holiday Traditions and What is Gratitude



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mhsmchat Welcome to the Mental Health and Social Media chat. I’m Cindy @MHSMchat. Please take a moment to introduce yourselves. #mhsm
linneabutlermft Hi Cindy. This is Linnea from San Francisco bay area. Happy Thanksgiving to all here tonight #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:09:21 PST 2014

mhsmchat We’re discussing favorite holiday traditions and what is gratitude. Please feel free to join in anytime #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:09:50 PST 2014

mhsmchat @LinneaButlerMFT Hi glad you’re here! #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:10:18 PST 2014

mhsmchat Q1: What are traditions? Why are there traditions? Why do some of us prefer tradition to novelty? #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:10:37 PST 2014

mhsmchat A tradition definition: the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:11:12 PST 2014

linneabutlermft I think tradition ties us to our roots, gives a sense of continuity, of belonging #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:11:45 PST 2014

mhsmchat Who else is here at the #mhsm chat on favorite holiday traditions and what is gratitude discussion?

Wed Nov 26 17:12:02 PST 2014

mhsmchat @LinneaButlerMFT Yes I’d agree. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:12:17 PST 2014

mhsmchat We need some predictability in our lives and rituals/traditions serve this purpose.


Wed Nov 26 17:12:33 PST 2014

mhsmchat We need some predictable activities, foods, and/or objects and this is universal across cultures and beliefs. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:12:52 PST 2014

mhsmchat Rituals/traditions help us observe the seasons, events & periods of our lives & build resilience/security within ourselves. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:13:58 PST 2014

linneabutlermft Change is frightening and unsettling. Change is a constant so we need a way to stabilize. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:14:05 PST 2014

mhsmchat We cultivate relationships and memories between family and friends. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:14:19 PST 2014

mhsmchat RT @LinneaButlerMFT: Change is frightening and unsettling. Change is a constant so we need a way to stabilize. #mhsm
mhsmchat @LinneaButlerMFT yes and it seems more so as you age. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:14:58 PST 2014

linneabutlermft @mhsmchat I think everyone is preparing food tonight. :­) #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:15:26 PST 2014

mhsmchat During some rituals/traditions we take stock of ourselves, acknowledge the good and the bad, perhaps set new goals or make promises. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:15:30 PST 2014

mhsmchat @LinneaButlerMFT I’d definitely agree with you on that :¬≠) I’m eating out at a wonderful restaurant ¬≠ my new tradition! #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:16:04 PST 2014

mhsmchat And of course traditions can make for some very good stories too! :­) Rituals/traditions nurture our souls. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:16:27 PST 2014

linneabutlermft @MHSMchat Me too! #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:16:29 PST 2014

mhsmchat @LinneaButlerMFT Great minds think alike! #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:16:43 PST 2014

mhsmchat Q2: What are your favorite holiday traditions (past or present)? What other traditions have you observed some us have? #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:17:04 PST 2014

linneabutlermft Rituals/traditions remind us of the best of our childhoods. Memory is a glorious thing we can block our the bad. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:17:12 PST 2014

mhsmchat Driving around and looking at the light displays. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:17:44 PST 2014

mhsmchat Attending special religious services. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:18:00 PST 2014

linneabutlermft @MHSMchat Good one. Looking at the lights brings up all kinds of good holiday feelings for me #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:18:21 PST 2014

mhsmchat Baking and decorating holiday cookies, pies, etc. Cooking special meals, delicacies, etc. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:18:31 PST 2014

linneabutlermft RT @PsychCentral: Three Ways To Use Holiday Stress To Connect http://t.co/rfZsPDu2FA #mhsm #mentalhealth

Wed Nov 26 17:19:03 PST 2014

mhsmchat Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I know some families and friends do these together.


Wed Nov 26 17:19:07 PST 2014

mhsmchat Getting and putting up that holiday tree. Decorating a home or workplace for the holiday. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:19:49 PST 2014

linneabutlermft Doing a gingerbread house together with family members. The messier the better.


Wed Nov 26 17:20:05 PST 2014

mhsmchat Visiting family or friends that live far from you. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:20:46 PST 2014

mhsmchat @LinneaButlerMFT Ooh I don’t think I could do that ¬≠ I love gingerbread and would be too tempted to eat it. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:21:31 PST 2014

mhsmchat Volunteering to help others in need. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:21:51 PST 2014

linneabutlermft @MHSMchat That’s part of the fun! Can be tricky if you have pets though. They like gingerbread too. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:22:16 PST 2014

mhsmchat Having a movie marathon at the movie theatre. Getting together with famiy and/or friends to watch the Superbowl. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:22:36 PST 2014

mhsmchat Being in Times Square for New Year’s Eve. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:22:54 PST 2014

mhsmchat Singing songs associated with the holiday. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:23:18 PST 2014

mhsmchat Watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV or in person! #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:23:41 PST 2014

mhsmchat Going to the season opener (baseball). #mhsm
mhsmchat Sending or getting a valentine. Sending or getting flowers. etc. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:24:28 PST 2014

linneabutlermft Putting on holiday music #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:24:41 PST 2014

mhsmchat Exchanging gifts. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:24:46 PST 2014

mhsmchat @LinneaButlerMFT Yes, that’s one of my favorite too. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:25:02 PST 2014

linneabutlermft Last year our power went out on Xmas eve. So we decided to do gift exchange by candle light. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:25:40 PST 2014

mhsmchat Q3: What is gratitude? What do we mean when we say we are grateful or thankful?


Wed Nov 26 17:25:44 PST 2014

mhsmchat @LinneaButlerMFT That sounds very nice. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:26:04 PST 2014

mhsmchat Gratitude definition: the quality of being thankful. A readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:26:40 PST 2014

mhsmchat Thankfulness, gratefulness, or appreciation is a feeling/attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received/will receive. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:26:57 PST 2014

mhsmchat Typically, the feeling lasts for only a few seconds, as a recognition of the intentional, beneficial actions of others. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:27:11 PST 2014

linneabutlermft Try keeping a gratitude journal. Writer down 3 things each day you are grateful for.


Wed Nov 26 17:27:51 PST 2014

mhsmchat One benefit of gratitude is to experience a pleasant emotion. #mhsm
mhsmchat Gratitude appears to be a strong determinant of people’s well¬≠being. (According to some psychological studies). #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:28:17 PST 2014

mhsmchat @LinneaButlerMFT Good suggestion. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:28:26 PST 2014

mhsmchat ‚ÄúFeeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.‚ÄĚ ‚Äď William Arthur Ward #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:28:45 PST 2014

mhsmchat Q4: What are some examples of gratitude that someone may practice? #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:29:22 PST 2014

mhsmchat Sending hand­written thank you notes. Saying thank you. Calling over the phone or going in person to say thank you. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:30:13 PST 2014

mhsmchat Prayer. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:30:32 PST 2014

mhsmchat An act of kindnessÕĺ holding a doorÕĺ saying please. Cleaning up after a meal. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:31:07 PST 2014

linneabutlermft Remembering a time you weren’t doing so well, and being appreciative of things being better now. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:31:17 PST 2014

mhsmchat Share a specific example of something a family member or friend did for you and how it made a difference in your life. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:31:22 PST 2014

mhsmchat Doing something little but thoughtful for a family member, friend or complete stranger.


Wed Nov 26 17:31:46 PST 2014

linneabutlermft Being friendly to the cashier. They deal with grumpy people all the time. #mhsm
mhsmchat Good one! RT @LinneaButlerMFT Remembering a time you weren’t doing so well, and being appreciative of things being better now. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:32:07 PST 2014

mhsmchat RT @LinneaButlerMFT: Being friendly to the cashier. They deal with grumpy people all the time. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:32:28 PST 2014

mhsmchat @LinneaButlerMFT Especially during holidays. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:32:33 PST 2014

mhsmchat Giving someone you know a hug. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:32:47 PST 2014

linneabutlermft @MHSMchat Absolutely #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:32:48 PST 2014

mhsmchat Give someone you know something of yours that you think they would enjoy and let them know specifically why you want them to have it. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:33:10 PST 2014

mhsmchat Invite a family member, friend, neighbor or coworker to do something you know they’ve always wanted to do. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:33:42 PST 2014

mhsmchat Offer to do something you know they don’t enjoy doing, like organizing an area or mowing their lawn. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:34:08 PST 2014

mhsmchat Take someone you know a home­cooked or home­baked item. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:34:54 PST 2014

mhsmchat Compliment someone you know on a talent, skill, or strength that you admire. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:35:20 PST 2014

mhsmchat Give a larger tip than usual. Add a thankful note. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:35:47 PST 2014

mhsmchat Smiles are contagious, so give one away! #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:36:06 PST 2014

linneabutlermft Recognizing that someone is doing a good job at work ­ especially by telling their boss. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:36:21 PST 2014

mhsmchat Tell someone you know of a favoite shared moment, activity or event together. Tell them why it’s a favorite. #mhsm
mhsmchat @LinneaButlerMFT Yes bosses don’t hear it they usually only hear when things don’t go well. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:37:36 PST 2014

mhsmchat Q5: Any other thoughts or comments to share? #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:38:09 PST 2014

mhsmchat Thank you for joining me @LinneaButlerMFT. I knew it might be quiet ­ people traveling, cooking, etc. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:40:02 PST 2014

mhsmchat If you missed any part of tonight’s chat you can review the transcript #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:40:29 PST 2014

linneabutlermft @MHSMchat Take care #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:41:06 PST 2014

mhsmchat I want to tell those that celebrate this holiday, Happy Thanksgiving and may it be a healthy and happy one. :­) #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:41:09 PST 2014

mhsmchat @LinneaButlerMFT You too. Have a great day tomorrow. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:41:26 PST 2014

mhsmchat Come again next wk. The Topic is yet to be determined. We welcome suggestions so let us know what you’d like to talk about. #mhsm

Wed Nov 26 17:41:56 PST 2014

mhsmchat I am grateful for: see the image #mhsm #gratitude http://t.co/VonfPXlMXW

Wed Nov 26 17:47:10 PST 2014

mhsmchat A gratitude quote ­ see the image #mhsm #gratitude http://t.co/cJVDj6OaqF

Wed Nov 26 17:48:20 PST 2014



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